Don't Tempt Me

George. Leviathan. Ex-assistant to Joyce Bicklebee. Unenthusiastic piece of Richard Roman's enterprises.

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Sam raise an eyebrow as the Leviathan answered his questions. George was running in what seemed like what must be a completely random pattern across the United States. It didn’t seem to be suiting the Leviathan very well, but if he could survive this long without Dick finding him George was doing pretty well for himself. Sam supposed that staying in one place for a long time was probably a bad idea. It meant that all kinds of things could track him down. 

“Good for you.” Sam said offering a smile. So far, so was he, but he could only wonder how much longer that would be. Even without the Shadows, there was Lilith, Roman, Azazel, and Lucifer to worry about. His chances rarely looked very good, but he would try. He’d overcome such things in the past. This was just one more foot in front of the other one. The fact he was still alive was a miracle. A forced miracle but it was still one all the same.

Sam blinked in surprise at the information that there weren’t many Leviathan in the area. He wasn’t used to being offered information from people who were generally on the other side. Even Ruby had had her secrets when she’d been working for Lilith, had her demands for what he needed to do before she’d give him the information he’d needed. He kind of chuckled at the last bit. “I don’t know about it being my profession,” Sam admitted. “Not really. Not anymore.” 

It was strange. He didn’t have a reason not to anymore, and yet, here he was. He was living in a house with his girlfriend and dog, and he hadn’t hunted anything since… Romanark. He looked down, feeling a pang of guilt at the thought. 

Nodding, the smile was returned. It wasn’t often that a smile was genuine with George, more so these days, but this one as a matter of fact was. It was nice talking to someone even if it was only for a split moment in a day and not a permanent thing. “Well, even if it’s not your profession I’m still sure someone of your standing would find use for that information. And If not, at least now you know.” 

Looking up for a moment, the clouds were still thickly crowded close together covering the sky. It looked like the rain would stay all through the day. Yet, something uneasy was there nagging at the back of his mind. He didn’t like it, at all. There was something to be said about following your gut feeling, especially if you’re on the move. 

Glancing back to Sam. “It was nice running into you. I’m sure we’ll cross paths at some point again, and if perhaps not, then still.” With that he decided to take the leave heading back the way George previously came. In the direction of the car, with a brisk step. Soon becoming nothing more then a blurred, hazy indistinct figure in the rains dense fall.   

Paper Planes


Sam knew that Apollo never seemed to be quite fond of things that weren’t human. He recalled the meeting with Lucifer as well as Apollo’s attempts at scaring off Azazel. It wasn’t surprising that he knew there was something off about the Leviathan as well. “Maybe.” Sam said frowning a little. Normally, Apollo would just growl and bark at them. His successful attempt at tripping up the Leviathan was unusual for the dog who seemed to be so set on protecting Sam almost seemed playful with the Leviathan. 

There was a long silence between the two of them as they stood in the road. The flowers vendor not far up the road seemed to be regarding the conversation with some interest. It was odd these two men standing out in the rain talking about absolutely nothing, but Sam was sure they were out of ear shot. Probably thought some kind of drug deal was going down. He frowned at George’s comment. It was awkward, but he stood still watching the Leviathan a moment. 

“What are you doing here, George?” He asks, finally getting a grip on his thoughts. He’d been rather bewildered by the Leviathan, but he pulled himself together trying to figure out what had brought him here. “Have you been running from Roman all this time?” He asks, noting that the Leviathan’s attire is the same as it had been when he’d first met him in Portland, Oregon.

Being glad the silence was broken he answered the questions posed without thinking much of it. “Here ? Nothing at all.” It was a sincere simple answer but he quickly continued on it. “Have no ties to this specific location nor was it a destination I set out for. It’s just somewhere I ended up in, at the moment. And I don’t plan to stay here for very long either.”

At the other question, George looked down at his array of clothing apparel as if only noticing it. Nodding wearily. “Yes, I have.” Actually thinking over the question once more this time. “Wouldn’t call it successful strategy of running just yet. Numerical and percentage odds never were in my favor and still aren’t. But so far I’m still alive.”

On more days then not this whole idea seemed enthusiastically outrageous one at best and doomed to fail from the get go. But being outside of the system, unrestrained, while having a lot of drawbacks and disadvantages it still felt gratifyingly unbinding. Yes, it would have been a lot easier if he just ate both brothers that night, in Portland, and denied anything ever happened.   

"And If I’m here, then maybe you’d be glad to know activity of us here is next to none existent. Just seems like information that might be usefully to your profession." There wasn’t a real reason he was sharing that information, there was no gain to be had nor were his motives of that sort. It was just something that crossed his mind, and in the end it didn’t matter he’d leave this place in a few hours anyway.   

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Sam reached out to try to catch George as he tripped landing into the puddle. “Sorry,” he said making a slight face of apology as the Leviathan hit the ground. He scolded the dog trying to help untangle Georges feet from the leash. In the end, Sam decided it was easier to let the Leviathan do it himself as whatever help he gave seemed to get the Leviathan more tangled in the line.

Apollo barked and approached the new person and sniffed the new person as he still sat on the ground. Sam used his foot to scoot the dog away from the Leviathan. George may not be the most threatening of the Leviathan, but the part of him that had been raised as a hunter still made him wary of him. 

Once George had untangled himself from the leash and stood in front of him, Sam gave the dog the order to sit and stay. He shrugged at George’s question. “To be honest I’ve never seen him act like that.” He frowned a little. “But generally I guess they do. At least they always seem to in the movies.” It was a wonder this Leviathan was still alive considering how strict Dick seemed to be. At least that’s the first thought that had come to his mind as he’d watched him turn wildly trying to get free from the leash.

Abstractly glancing down at Apollo for another brief moment as if trying to figure out a cause for the previous reaction. “Guess it’s just worried about something.” That was a fair stab at the answer as any. Besides he could easily wager what it was but didn’t feel like dwelling on the topic. Mostly for the fact it wasn’t interesting to him. Thunder was heard not far off in the distance and for the first time it brought back some logic to his present thoughts. 

Looking back to the road, he was silent just staring back face void of any specific expression. He indeed was contemplating a few subjects. The run down of these last few days catching up, right along to the current moment of being in the middle of said road. Letting out a sigh under his breath barely audible while eyes darted back to Sam once again. George considered may be leaving but didn’t. This was the first familiar person whom he came across, albeit even if a very vague familiarity at that.

"I apologize, my thoughts are running too fast at the moment." He commented more as an excuse for lack of a response. Honestly, he really didn’t know what to say at this specific point in time. Never mind unknown territory, this was lost in translation on the moon.    

Anonymous said: CAN WE PRETEND THAT AIRPLANES IN THE NIGHT SKY ARE LIKE SHOOTING STARS? I could really use a wish right now.

Why are you shouting, Anon ? And I don’t think you can do that. Then again, I’m not really sure what the proper way of conduct and rules is when wishing on stars. So maybe if you really need a wish, do it ?

Paper Planes



Sam frowned a little as the Leviathan skidded to a halt and bumped the umbrella. He was glad the Leviathan hadn’t managed to run full sprint into him. Chances were that would have toppled them both over onto the wet pavement, and Sam preferred staying on his feet. He made a face as George called him ‘Mr. Winchester’. “Please, Sam. Mr. Winchester was my Dad.” He only nodded at George’s talk of names. He knew that already. Chances were if the Leviathan that looked like George had a real name it wasn’t something he could pronounce. 

As George moved around the umbrella, Sam put the umbrella over his head again. Apollo barked again at the stranger and backed away from the unfamiliar man. Sam raised an eyebrow at the question. “Oceanside, California. About a 10 minute walk from the water.” He said wondering if that actually meant anything to the Leviathan. 

All at once, Apollo leaped out and around George wrapping the leash around the other man’s legs. He crossed between Sam and the newcomer and sat on Sam’s feet looking up at George. He barked and growled low. “Apollo!” Sam shouted giving the leash slack so the dog wouldn’t pull the Leviathan over. 

Keeping in mind the name preference, it really was a reflex what with being used to refer to everyone with proper front abbreviations. Hearing the location information, he turned around again looking over the surroundings. True the water vapor would normally obstruct ones sight but George didn’t find any problems in seeing past it. But there wasn’t much to see said road was out of the way of things at this spot.

So preoccupied was his attention that he didn’t notice what Apollo was doing until the pups name was being called. There he looked back taking a step backwards as well, with the idea of getting out of the dogs way. Only that grand idea did fail as quickly as it came because the leash that was tangled up around his legs sent him  sharply declining and dropping down. Right into a puddle on the concrete road.

This new state of being just got a curious look shot at the dog. This certainly wasn’t something he was expecting. Yet not something that caused any real reaction, the state of being slight more wet didn’t bother the Leviathan. Besides rain was already there first, it was still pouring in large quantities. Getting up from the road, he tried to untangle the leash. Which resulted in spinning for a few seconds before finally being free from it. “Do they do that often ?” 

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The rain made it difficult for Sam to be able to see much in front of him as it came down harder. He continued to walk back toward home. He was just about to the flower stand when he saw the figure of someone else up a head. It was just barely visible through the rain. Somehow, he got an uneasy feeling. Maybe it was just his paranoia at everything, but something told him he should run the other way. He ignored the feeling, deciding it was just him being too paranoid. He needed to get home to Ruby anyway. They longer he left the house alone, the more likely it seemed she’d end up having to wake up alone. He hated the idea. 

He stopped at the flower stand and bought a single white orchid to take home to Ruby. Pretty soon he was sure the house would be overrun with the things so he decided from now on he would by them single flower by flower. He paid the man and when he looked up, he realized the figure was approaching him very quickly now. He couldn’t be sure of who it was or what even. For some reason every instinct told him demon to begin with. 

As the man approached, Sam brought the umbrella down quickly between them making a sharp jab forward. “What the Hell ar—” He stopped and stared at the man over the edge of the umbrella leaving it between them as he and Apollo got drenched in the pouring rain. “It’s… uhm…” He paused trying to pull all of the pieces of the time he’d met this man together. Leviathan. Let him live. Why? Helped. Real estate agent. “George. Right?” Apollo barked, growling from behind Sam’s legs. Sam couldn’t tell if he was more upset by the rain or the new person. 

Maybe it really was tempting fate in a way. But even the notion of that was lost quickly when he neared the figure he was perusing as an umbrella was jabbed. Probably occurring a bit too late but it did cross his mind to stop, that the weather  protection device should be taken under consideration as a stop sign. 

So that he did try but as it was very soon found out stopping on a wet slippery road wasn’t as easy as it seemed five seconds ago. Skidding and slipping to a halt he bumped into the umbrella  but did manage to stop. What did draw attention from looking over this object that crashed into him was hearing his name. Nodding, “Yes, Mr. Winchester that’s my name, well, not really. But it is mine for now and an extended period of time.” Any elaboration further was stopped when a unfamiliar sound was heard. Did humans bark now ? No, that wasn’t it.

Moving from the attacking umbrella George walked circling around the other until the cause of the sound was seen. In the shape of a furball, curious. Looking back to Sam again. “If you don’t mind me asking, where exactly am I ?” It was more a thought that just crossed his mind as some form of progress would be nice to know.     

Anonymous said: How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

The amount of wood that woodchucks would chuck on a given day varies greatly with the individual woodchuck. According to a journal article from a wildlife expert, Richard Thomas found that a woodchuck could chuck around 35 cubic feet of dirt in the course of digging a burrow. Thomas reasoned that if a woodchuck could chuck wood, he would chuck an amount equal to 700 pounds. 

Paper Planes


Sam hadn’t slept well in something like a week now. He would wake drenched in sweat from nightmares that had been less like dreams and more like the real thing. When the light started to creep in through the windows of the bedroom, he got up out  of bed and took a shower out of habit even though he had showered the night before to be sure the salt water was off of him. He dressed and ate a small breakfast before grabbing Apollo’s leash and making his way out the door. 

It was an overcast day. The clouds overhead seemed to be threatening rain. It was a gloomy day overall, the weather forecast had promised no storms today just a little bit of rain late in the afternoon. Sam had never been quite of sure he ever believed the weather forecast, but he knew the dog needed to be walked this morning. He got to the flower stand on the corner and instead of turning back toward home.

He ended up somewhere near the market, before he stopped. He ducked into a coffee and shop and got the coffee to go. He stepped outside just as it started to rain. He uneasily left Apollo tied outside the coffee shop and asked the owner to watch him for a moment as he went into the shop next door for an umbrella. He thanked the owner and started along the road back toward home. Apollo sticking close to his side to try and stay out of the rain.   

The day had started out quiet enough, dull in fact. More miles flew by as cities blended into a grey backdrop. The water-bottles once residing on the passenger seat were all but empty now but somehow it was alright as the weather on this day was no longer that scorching. 

Last thing that was seen a few hours ago were landmarks pending to Los Angeles, while Southern California wasn’t his original plan of destination it was as good place as any really. Besides he never stayed in one spot long enough to get into some serious trouble. The car descended off the main highway on to a smaller roundabout road, on a whim.

George’s thoughts were interrupted as the clouds above rumbled shrouding the sky.  Then just as quick as the noise came rain started. Which suddenly made him stop the car with a screeching halt. He proceeded to get out of the car as the rain  poured, leaving behind the keys of it still in ignition. There hasn’t been any rain in days since he started this migration so this was a very welcome change and a pleasant one at that.

Spinning around in a circle in the middle of the road as the dense vapour was settling in on account of the rain, but he did stop as a figure far off came into view. Looking  into the distance in the direction of the new figure a few moments passed before George’s face lit up with realization.

He knew this shape, or knew who it belonged to. He’d seen this person once before but more importantly to this new event this was a familiar face in a way. Without thinking it through he took off running, all but charging in the direction of Sam Winchester.

Anonymous said: What is the most private thing about you that you are willing to admit?

It’s kind-a hard to speak of privacy or even try to wrap your brain around the concept of it, when you’re one of the billion beings that were living in an angel.

Anonymous said: So. What's Leviathan sex like?

Mentally scaring to humans. Unless you’re Japanese. They’ve got the right idea.  

Anonymous said: Do you believe in true love?

If you believe in true love, does that mean you believe in false love too. Are there different personalities to love ? 

Don’t know if I ‘believe’ in it but I don’t doubt its existence. What I do know is, I am weary of the idea. 

How can anyone be afraid of love? You may wonder, well, how can they not ? 

When you love someone, truly love them, friend or lover, you lay your heart open to them. You give them a part of yourself that you give to no one else, and you let them inside a part of you that only they can hurt—you literally hand them a razor with a map of where to cut deepest and most painfully on your heart. 

And when they do strike, it’s crippling—as if having your heart carved out. It leaves you exposed, wondering what you did to make them want to hurt you so badly when all you did was love them.

What is so wrong with you that no one can keep faith with you. That no one can love you. To have it happen once is bad enough but to have it repeated. Who in their right mind would not be terrified of that ?

Love is deceitful and sublime. In its truest form, it brings out the best in all. At its worse, it’s a tool used to manipulate and ruin anyone who is stupid enough to try and hold it. 

TMI Tuesday

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Anonymous said: Would you rather have a male suit or a female?

I don’t think it matters which form and appearance I or anyone takes. Apart from some minor cosmetic and biological differences they’re the same.

As far as I’ve had the chance to see there doesn’t appear to be some greater advantage to one or the other. That’s to say one doesn’t give the impression of being better from the other.  

True, it’s not as if I’ve had the chance to study humans in prolonged periods of time. But if there was something so greatly different I’d like to think it would be noticeable. All that said I like my current form, George was an interesting person.     

Anonymous said: What is your favorite thing to eat?

Hearts. Or maybe it’s livers.. No, it’s grey matter. But kidneys. Wait, lungs. And neck muscles… Um..This list can and will go on for a while.

I like to eat a lot of things. Everything. All things. So settling and determining which one specific thing is my favorite is a bit hard. Suppose if I really thought about it there could be an order to it,  a graphic representation if you will, a food pyramid or a pie chart. Or even a top ten list. Still, that requires dwelling on this question.   

.. And now all this food talk is making me hungry. Thanks Anon. 

Anonymous said: Have you ever tried juice? IT'S GREAT

I haven’t tried any form or kind of juice at all. But if it’s to be judged, estimated, and grouped in a similar category as the cherry soda I recently encountered then I am not so keen on trying it.

It was unexpectedly less then friendly, but maybe you’re referring to it’s taste, I suppose it could be called such, as well. But taste varies a lot so maybe you aren’t.     

I’ll just take your word for it, Anon.